Personal account development

Minimum project budget $ 3000
Completion time 2 weeks or more

We design and create convenient personal accounts for websites and apart from them. We can undertake the entire project or its individual stages: design, engineering, layout, programming.

Adding a personal account to your website will help optimize your business, improve sales, and provide quality customer service. For users it is a helpful tool that allows to simplify the interaction between user and website.

Our team of full-time specialists, their accumulated experience and reliable technologies allow us to create truly effective solutions for business.
We work with both b2b and b2c projects.

We can perform any technical task> in the development process. And we mean ANY.

There is a difference between a personal account and an admin panel, not always visible at first glance. We will analyze your business needs and tell you which solution is right for you.

Admin panel development

Functions of a personal account

  • Customer service automatization and load reduction for sales department / contact center: details on accruals, orders and services, current status, stock availability, shipping cost calculation, order configurators, etc;
  • Simplification of sales: user-friendly catalog, quick smart search, selection by parameters, repeat orders, etc;
  • Increasing sales volume: implementation of up, down and cross sales tools, referral links, targeted banners, mailings, etc.);
  • Organization of online payment acceptance;
  • Cashback accrual, details of accrual and withdrawal;
  • Personal discounts and bonuses, volume discounts, promotional discounts, seasonal discounts and the logic of their summation;
  • Integration of online and offline loyalty systems;
  • Document flow with counteragents;
  • Chat with saved message history with the manager;
  • Customer satisfaction monitoring, surveys and feedback (complaints, suggestions, etc.);
  • Control and management of physical devices (IoT, appliances, manufacturing equipment).

Stage of development

01. Analytics

We will conduct interviews with business representatives, gather and specify in detail the requirements of all stakeholders; decompose the objectives of the target audience of the personal account; achieve clarity on the goals and objectives of the project.

02. Engineering

We will establish data exchange between the personal account and other systems (CRM, 1C, acquiring, cash registers, etc.).

03. Creating an object model

We will develop and coordinate user scenarios and an interactive prototype of the personal account, which will allow you to see what each page of the account will be made up of. We will write a detailed specification of development requirements.

04. Design

We will create a design layout for each page of the personal account based on the approved prototype. The design of the personal account will be inspired by the style of the website or your company's corporate identity. We will modify the templates until you are satisfied.

05. Adaptive layout

We create layouts that display and work correctly on any device, in all popular browsers and operating systems.

06. Programming

We will develop the functionality of your personal account and embed it into your website or place it on a separate domain. If necessary, we will integrate your personal account with external systems: 1C, CRM, acquiring, cash registers etc.

07. Quality control

To ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of the finished product, we carry out internal quality control at all stages of its development.

For large projects, along with functional testing, we also conduct load testing and fault tolerance testing.

08. Documentation

We will develop and send you a package of detailed user and technical documentation.

09. Support

After the launch of your personal account, we provide 2 months of free support. After this period, you will be able to renew the support on favorable terms.

10. Project management

All project work is coordinated by a project manager, who is responsible for its key parameters: budget, quality and deadlines, as well as managing risks and changes to the project. So you can have confidence in the outcome.

Depending on the needs of your project, some steps may be skipped if you want to get an optimal price. For example, you may not need adaptive layout if you are only doing a project for desktop devices.

What affects the cost of development?

  • Number of sections (pages);
  • The functionality that is implemented;
  • The number of systems to integrate and their API availability;
  • Degree of participation of specialists from the client's side and their API availability..

We create unique solutions for each company and hand over the source code and all intellectual rights to the developed product.

Client feedback

There are no photoshopped reviews from Gazprom, MTS and other giant corporations. These are real company reviews and we can confirm every word written.

Key principles and approaches

Partnership and transparency

Making a successful functional project is difficult. It requires mutual understanding and close working ties between client and developer. We will make sure that all information about the progress of the project is promptly provided - access to the current working version of the project, weekly project status updates, etc.

Lifetime warranty

If an operational flaw is identified that should have been resolved earlier in the process, we will fix it free of charge throughout the entire product lifecycle. Provided that this point is explicitly stated in the project specification, no changes have been made to the project code by anyone but us, and the error is not related to an upgrade of a third-party integrated service.

Short iterations (sprints)

We are in favour of a step-by-step development of the project. This gives the product flexibility, a high rate of change implementation, and the ability to test hypotheses.

Working for a reasonable price

Developing a high-quality, non-typical Internet project requires a lot of work (between 3 and 11 people will be working on your project). If you're afraid of a six-digit estimate, we're probably not right for you. We also don't work for the future profit of the project.

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